Depression and Anger

Depression and Anger

I have been trying to publish, through Xlibris, the second edition of my book, Teaching Children with Autism: An ABA Primer. In June of this year, I purchased from them a publishing package, and in July I sent in the required documents. Here it is almost November and the whole experience is leaving me depressed and angry. I sent them a copy of the original Lulu publication, so that they could see what I wanted it to look like, and which they promptly filed away (so I am told) and can’t (or aren’t willing to) access. So what we have so far is far from satisfactory. It appears that their editors are making changes without looking to see the result. In fact, the latest version of my document is so screwed up that I despair of being able to do anything useful with it. They want me to fill out a form listing the corrections needed, and I am doing that, working from an earlier no-quite-so-screwed-up version, although I think that a little common sense would make this process a lot easier. So far, just looking at the errors that jump out at me, I have listed almost 150 corrections needed. And of course, they won’t send me a Word document, just a PDF, so I can’t just make the necessary changes myself.

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