TAGteach Presentation at ONTABA

TAGteach Presentation at ONTABA

One of the most excting developments in psychotherapy has been the Energy Therapies – essentially accupuncture equivalents for the treatment of negative emotions. But at the time I presented on that approach at some psychological convention or other they were relatively new on the scene and only nine people attended. Three were close colleagues, three were more-or-less obliged to be there for some other reason that I have forgotten, and three were “walk-ins,” psychologists who were open to learning something new.

So now I get a chance to present on TAGteach at an ABA convention, and I wonder if anyone will show up. In any event, intrepid me, I have prepared two handouts in batches of thirty each. I hope that I don’t have to carry all of them home again.

My “partner in crime” this time will be Anne Wormald, M.ADS. who is an experienced TAGteach trainer. She plans to prepare a set of PowerPoint slides, which I hope will help keep the audience (assuming that there will be one) entertained/interested while this dry old stick (me) lecturing the poor souls on some of the background. Anne is actually going to be the one that is offering to teach them how to implement this adjunct to shaping.


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