There is only one sky, the sky over

Africa the same sky as over canada,

Many dimensions of the one sky


Raining in brazil, snowing in the south

Pole, hurricane in honduras, all out

Of the one sky


There is only one breath, that air

Which was inhaled by a leper in deli,

Now enters the lungs of a blue whale in

The sea of cortez, tomorrow an

Executive in new york, and later that

Day a child in pakistan. Yes there is

Only one air


There is but one water, the american

River will one day be the pacific ocean,

A part of the pacific will become the

Amazon, the amazon the indian ocean,

You and i will drink from the one

Water, and so will the elephant and



The one water will make up the one

Blood, red. That river will flow in all

The streams, rivers and arteries of life


There is only one skin, the skin that

Covers all creatures, that in death

Returns to earth the single skin of life.

That all skins arise from. And that skin

Is palomino, it is all colors of the

Great single fabric covering bodies,

Animal, plant, human, air creature, sea



So when we think to save our own skin,

We must think to know that it can only

Happen when we save the skin of the one,

That lives in south america, north

America, africa, russia, pakistan,

Afghanistan, china, iran, the skin of

The one planet and people


–Dino Delano 9/28/01

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