Our Post-Truth World

Our Post-Truth World

During ther recent US election campaign, Hillary Clinton spent about ½ billion dollars and Donald Trump spent about ¼ billion dollars, mainly on the media; and it is my impression that most of that was spent on attack ads. Impressions again: Clinton was portrayed as crooked and as having been bought and paid for by big business and Trump was portrayed as the Devil incarnate. You can argue about these characterizations, but that is how it looked to me.

Personally, I doubt if either candidate is as bad as they were being portrayed either during or after the campaign. Be that as it may, this election does seem to have generated an interest in the currect amount of false news being delivered by the media, particularly the social media (although I am also concerned about the amount of bias that is shown in our newspapers – it is as if what we are being fed is mainly opinion rather than facts).

It used to be that the Christian Science Monitor could be counted on for a less biased reporting of the news. Perhaps that is still the case.  If so, I may have to start subscribing, because I get really tired of reading columnist opinion being delivered as if it bears any relation to anything but that columnist’s opinion.

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