Political Reality

Political Reality

Many people dislike the new US president, Donald Trump, but he does seem to be pursuing his campaign promises. I live in Ontario, Canada and we have three main political parties. The “Progressive Conservatives” tend to be far right, the “Liberals” tend to be centrist, and the “National Democratic Party” (NDP) tend to be far left. All have been in power.

Rightly or wrong, I perceive the Republical party as “right wing” and the Democratic party as “left wing.” Currently, there is a lot of expressed interest in helping those with mental health issues, something that clinical psychologists are trained to do. The resources are never adequate to the task. However, when our NDP party was campaigning for election some years back, they promised that psychologists services would be included in the government’s health care funding, and that promise was forgotten as soon as they were elected. I have never forgiven them for that.. The upside of the experience, hoiwever, was that I learned never to expect politicians to keep their word, and I am always surprised when they do.

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