Yesterday, I attended a business meeting at church. The agenda was election of congregational officers for the coming year. Several people had volunteered for the various positions and the congregation was being asked whether or not to accept them for those positions. Typically, the chairperson at church business meetings will ask, “All in favour. Any opposed.” I object (and objected) to that, since it pressures all to be in favour, and how could anyone possibly be opposed?! It is better if the cair uses the same phrase for both side of any motion, as in, All in faviour. All opposed.” When I expressed the desirability of the chair at least maintaining an illusion of impariality, someone commented sotto voce, “Oh, for goodness sake.” J

I don’t expect that my suggestion will accomplish much, but as with nonsense posted on Faceook, I find it hard to resist getting caught up in the discussion.

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