Women’s Lib, Witchcraft, and Sex, continued

Women’s Lib, Witchcraft, and Sex, continued

Now, I am not advocating a return to the primitive world of the past; but from time to time, I think about the story of the man who was clinically dead and then brought back to life. The first thing that he said was, “I have seen God, and She is black.” And I wonder if, in man’s creation of God in his own image, whether we may not have lost sight of the value of the Goddess within. And I wonder whether, in our espousal of science and achievement, we may not have abandoned living and being for advancement and doing. And it is not that the solution is necessarily to become involved in a return to witchcraft, but it is important to find some way to get in touch with the feminine within you.

So I come at last to the climax, my advice to women on how to get ahead in the world. Don’t do it the way most men would do it. Don’t get caught up in the North American business ethic. Don’t mistake the stereotypic male for the masculine ideal. Don’t be seduced by the ephemeral grandiosity of egocentric “power thrusting.” Don’t sell your birthright for a mess of pottage. Rather, consider the power of the archetypal Goddess, the Eternal Feminine. Put yourself in touch with the joyous child within you; and do it with panache; for if you do, no power on earth will be able to hold you back. And you’ll go a long way, baby.



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